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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

May 26, 2021

Our thought leaders of the day are Eric Twiggs and Ted Fells, the voices behind The 30 Minute Hour, where they aim to inspire their listeners to realize their full potential. Eric calls himself,
“Your Procrastination Prevention Partner,” and the author of “The Discipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination.” Ted is the “Super CEO” between two who is also a  business strategist extraordinaire and all-around good guy. 


Listen to Eric and Ted and learn how prioritizing impact over income can be good for you!


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[00:01 - 05:01] Introduction

  • I introduce Eric Twiggs and Ted Fells
  • Eric introduces himself and their podcast
  • Ted describes the fun they bring to business and leadership.

[05:02 - 14:22] Impact > Income 

  • Conversation on the “Gratitude Economy.”
  • Eric on changing your definition of “success” and looking for significance
  • Ted on sharing what you know with others.
  • Every single moment does not have to be billable
  • Giving knowledge away is like investing in others, and eventually, goodness comes back around.
  • Eric on not looking for an immediate return

[14:23 - 25:08] The Importance of a Mentor in Your Life 

  • Eric’s mentor, Ed Tate, who didn’t know Eric from a can of paint but spent so much time chatting with him
  • Ted’s mentor, in government service, taught him to understand the big picture, help and share.
  • Eric on overcoming scarcity and fear. 
  • Embracing an Abundance Mindset.
  • “Let’s say you win the rat race. At the end of the day, you are still a rat!”
  • People who are truly successful, they share! They give away things that they could be charging for!
  • We speak about Adam Grant’s books
  • Eric on Dr. Willey Jolley’s work. 
  • Charles Schwart, giving away stuff instead of selling, selling, selling

[25:09 - 30:39] From Contempt to Curiosity 

  • Ted on learning so much from every good guest who is excited to give and share. 
  • And how there are so many good people in the world
  • How important curiosity is in moving forward and leadership
  • Changing our contempt to curiosity
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[30:40 - 38:47] The “What Now Movement”

  • The “What Now Movement”
    • Link below 
  • “Mind the Gap”... the limiting stories we are telling ourselves.
  • The picture we put “out there” in our online lives.

[38:48- 48:46] What People Have in Common 

  • The new social contract on social media is all about being helpful and thoughtful.
  • Experimentation in business is good right now. People are not looking for perfection. 
  • The past year has been all about “creating” for some people.
  • Some of the changes of the pandemic might be good! We will be more at ease with change. 
  • We’ve found other ways to interact and engage with family. Ted’s hilarious impression of his 93-year old mother on Zoom!
  • Dr. Lynda on having a sense of humor in our times and the story of the newscaster and the cat’s tail.
  • Ted and Eric on everyone being people now. We are all dealing with the same thing and it has brought us all to realize a lot that we have in common

[48:47- 56:46] Coming From a Place of Help 

  • Dr. Lynda on the range of emotions we are all experiencing and her podcast interview with two fellows who were not wearing pants
  • Eric and Ted on what reminds them that it is still an amazing world. 
    • If you go into your day and every interaction trying to help, people GET TO feel good about their engagements with you, you will change lives. 
    • Being the best YOU that you can be.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Impact is more important than income.” - Eric Twigs

“One of the greatest things about having a that you just learn so much with every guest.” -  Ted Fells


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Check out the The 30 Minute Hour and listen to Eric and Ted on how to maximize your potential! 

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