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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

Our thought leader for today is Dr. Steve Shepard, founder of the Shepard Communications Group. He is a sought-after leader in speaking, writing, photography, and audio and video production, all of which he considered hobbies that he loves doing. These hobbies are tied by his passion as a storyteller who is eager to simplify the complex, to inspire, to challenge the status quo, and to tell a story.

The story he will share today is about generations. We will learn the four generational archetypes, demystify stereotypes such as “millennials are snowflakes,” and know why, despite the seemingly massive changes that happen every generation, this is still an amazing world. 

Let’s dive right in and listen to this crash course on generations!

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[00:01 - 04:51] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Dr. Steve Shepard
  • Why generations are different from each other

[04:52 - 12:47] Shared Common Place in History 

  • History creates generations, not the other way around 
    • Hear Steve’s explanation
  • A brief discussion about the latest generations
    • What generation do you think you belong? 
  • Steve talks about how patterns of behavior define a generation 

[12:48 - 24:03] Original Entrepreneurs 

  • The two most important generations according to Steve
  • Why the Silent Generation grew up quiet 
  • The big difference between the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers
  • The original entrepreneurs are not Millennials

[24:04 - 35:23] Return of the Heroes Generation

  • Social change is the mantra of millennials 
    • Here’s why
  • The current generation is a repeat of the Silent Generation
  • We’re also witnessing the return of the “Greatest Generation”
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[35:24 - 49:34] Digital Natives 

  • Steve talks about the generation of the digital natives
    • Why they don’t like to be called Gen Z 
    • Collaborative global citizens
  • Don’t miss Steve’s stories about the classic differences among generations 

[49:35 - 55:06] Fear of the Unknown 

  • The fear that transcends generations
  • What every generation wants

[55:07 - 59:49] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Steve. Links below
  • Steve tells us why it is still an amazing world.
  • Final words and announcements


Tweetable Quotes:

“We often say that generations create history, but truthfully, history creates generations.” - Dr. Steve Shepard

“The single most important fear that every generation has is unknown. They fear what they don’t know is coming.” - Dr. Steve Shepard


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