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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Mar 15, 2022

If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be? When Alienor Salmon was asked this question, she realized nothing would make her happier than to leave her job at the United Nations and travel through Latin America, learning from locals the dances of every country she visited along the way. On her journey, she saw how we humans constantly prioritize things that do not make us happy. But when we use happiness as a baseline for all our decisions, we can come alive.


Rooted in wisdom from ancient Greek philosophers and positive psychology, Alienor comes bearing proof that happiness will not passively wander into your life. Instead, you must actively pursue it. Listen in for the inspiration to reject complacency and live the life you’ve always dreamed.


Aliénor is a French-British author, speaker, and consultant. She is the founder of Bailando Journey, and the author of Finding Rhythm: An International Dance Journey. She seeks to help others incorporate happiness science into their daily lives by exploring their values, habits, and beliefs, and create a roadmap to design their happiest life and follow their dreams through personal development and enhanced well-being.


So, are you ready to map out your happiness journey?

[00:01 - 12:30] Opening Segment


  • Aliénor talks about her background and story
    • Working and living in Thailand
    • The decision to feel free and alive
    • Quitting her job to learn how to dance in Latin America
      • Testing happiness through dance
  • Developing what is non-negotiable
    • We can always say no to anything and to anyone  
      • Everything is a choice
  • Choosing to be happy now
    • Her desire to understand think deeply and have a social impact
    • Social and emotional development
    • Growing outside of the comfort zone is really important for happiness


[12:31 - 26:11] We Are Much More Than Our Title


  • Keep in mind that everything you have done is meaningful
    • Your experience never goes away
    • Embody the science of happiness
  • The importance of understanding your values
    • Feeding your soul
    • Focus on the competitive advantages as human beings
  • Aliénor’s outlook about  the working models
    • People quit jobs because their work is not making an impact
    • People are being micromanaged
      • Feeling stressful and depressed
  • There must be a change in the workplace
    • Have more empathy and a sense of belonging
    • Encourage more happiness to help people be more productive
    • Do business with people who you are grateful for
  • Aliénor shares how to make decisions and choices
  • Developing self-awareness to question our choices
    • E.g. What are you doing with your time? Where are you? Who are you?
  • Let yourself imagine without any limits          
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[26:12 -  40:14]   Map Out Your Happiness Journey: Dancing Through the Americas


  • Aliénor explains the concept of redesigning the way you are doing things
  • Free ourselves from original notions
  • Always question things and be intentional
    • Having a Happiness Day
  • Evaluating what matters the most
  • How people have helped to contribute and make a meaningful impact
    • Being continuously touched by the amount of kindness 
    • Forming connections with strangers give us more faith in humanity
  • Aliénor’s level of fulfillment by sharing with other culture
    • Having a positive connection
    • Being surrounded by people who bring you alive
  • Anything is possible and we can learn anything if you put the time and effort
    • Open your eyes and experiment


[40:15 - 56:26] Closing Segment


  • Aliénor’s perspective of hope for the world
  • Happiness is a human right
  • Looking beyond the economic outlook
    • Education, mental health, etc
  • Finding happiness locally
  • Aliénor’s daily routine to build a sense of happiness
    • Meditation, journaling, gratitude
  • How to connect with Aliéoir and her work
    • Links below 
  • Give a review and rating, and share this episode with others
  • Final announcements 

Tweetable Quotes:

“We are not our jobs. We are so much more than that. We are creative humans.” - Aliénor Salmon


“You never get your time back, but you can always make more money. Have a happiness budget and be very intentional.” -  Aliénor Salmon

“We have to believe that there is so much goodness out there. And that people aren’t out there to get you. And when we do we realize there is so much there and we get a sense of belonging.” - Aliénor Salmon

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Connect with Aliénor on Instagram. Go and visit Bailando Journey and embark on your journey to happiness!

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