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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

Bert Pope, a widower raising 4 kids and the Creator and CEO of the Awesome Company, took the world by storm when he decided to make a social network for the good of mankind - solving the problem of negativity by digitizing kindness and gratitude.


Bert started using Awesome to showcase family friendly TikToks letting users vote for ‘the most awesome’ with the currency he created called Kindness Koin$. With each coin costing 5 cents, winners receive the chance to decide which charities will receive 100% of the voting proceeds.


Apart from leading change in social network, Bert was the Top Real Estate Brokers in North Florida for over 32 years.


In that time he helped families with the goal to help anyone and everyone who asks for it to the best of his ability.


Nationally, Bert Pope and Associates has been seen on National News multiple times Fox News and WSJ and have had Multi-Million dollar properties highlighted in USA Today.


I believe that Bert has created the currency of the gratitude economy. So let’s dive in and learn how to harness technology to advance humanity.


[00:01 - 8:11] Opening Segment


  • I introduce Bert Pope
  • Bert shares some light on his background 
    • Losing his wife to a car wreck 
    • A shifting focus to taking care of his kids 
    • Struck by the evolution of digital devices 
    • Taking the tools we have and using them for good 
  • Becoming focused on the solution rather than the problem 
    • Aggressively lazy - solving a problem to make it easier 
    • Ideas for the future - Clarence 
      • Quantifying and GO mapping good deeds 

[08:12 - 18:38] An ‘Awesome’ Solution to Negative Situations

  • Silencing the negative noise by voicing the small wonders
    • Noise is first necessary to evolve 
    • “Monkey Mind” - but what about… 
      • Taking stock in the midst of negativity 
    • We all want the same thing 
      • How you go about it is the key 
  • How Bert went from heartbroken to Awesome
    • Started in 2017 
    • Realizing you only have one life to give to make change
    • Awesome = to be content in your passion 
    • Consciously engaging or disengaging 


[18:39 -  31:48] Kindness Koin$: Harnessing Technology to Advance Humanity


  • The story behind Awesome
    • Patented in the App store and Google Play
    • Social Network to share top trending TikToks 
    • User vote on the best through Kindness Koin$
      • 5 cents each 
    • The Top 20 videos decide on which charity the money is donated to
  • Celebrating those who are creating Kind Content 
    • Rewarding people doing good 
    • Gamifying social network 
    • Receiving content from all over the world 
  • How the currency works 
    • Rewarded by watching ads 
    • Purchase in bundles 
    • People who receive them can redeem for their needs
    • Example of content is rewarded 



[31:49 - 47:42] Giving People the Power to Navigate the Negativity

  • Bert’s journey creating the Awesome Company
    • Currently at the building phase 
    • Content is king but, “Garbage in garbage out”
    • Bringing in all the beauty to one place
    • Making kindness fun 
  • The true power of facing challenges 
    • Developing the ability to navigate
    • Giving people the power to navigate their own challenges 
    • Negativity should never define you 
  • Harnessing the things that haunt us for the greater good
    • Building up strength by resistance 
    • Facing the “Monkey Mind” 
    • It can be used instead of it defining you 
      • You are the one in charge
  • Bert’s thoughts on being truly present 
    • It starts with contentment 
      • How Bert experiences contentment 


[47:43 - 55:49] Closing Segment

  • How to connect with the Awesome company 
    • The goal is to rise to 20,000 users
    • Available to all people of all ages 
    • Create ‘Awesome’ content and share it on the app!
    • Links below
  • Bert’s vision of world that could be 
    • You to have contentment with your participation 
  • How to connect with Bert
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements 


Tweetable Quotes:

“I am not going to let my life go unused. I have only one life to give and I know I can figure out a lot of things. I can’t do everything, but I can do THIS.” - Bert Pope

“We want to reward those that are creating good, kind, positive content on TikTok and celebrate them for being awesome… and in doing so, helping those children’s charities that are doing so much good out in the world.” - Bert Pope

“That’s where the challenges come in; to understand that those are only obstacles to navigate and as you navigate them, you become more powerful.” - Bert Pope

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Connect with Bert on Twitter and LinkedIn. Spread some kindness over on and help support the people doing good in the world.


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