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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

Rodney Flowers was a young, healthy athlete with dreams of a future in the NFL, until at age 15, he experienced a football injury that left him paralyzed. Doctors told him that he would never walk again. 

But Rodney didn’t give up here.

Instead, he made a conscious decision to transform his destiny. Step by step, with faith, perseverance and an unwavering belief in himself, he achieved his goal.


Today, Rodney is no longer confined to a wheelchair and is an internationally recognized Transformational Speaker. He travels the world coaching individuals, groups, businesses and organizations alike, to share his story and teach the principles that inspire and motivate people to overcome challenges, find strength in adversity, and never give up on their dreams and aspirations!

Looking to get empowered and strengthened to live out your purpose and face challenges? Tune into the episode, this is one you can't miss.


[00:01 - 4:29] Opening Segment


  • I introduce Rodney Flowers
    • Quick bio
  • Rodney shares his incredible story
    • Loving football as a kid 
    • Injury at 15 leading to paralysis 
    • He was told he would never walk again
    • Going from discouragement to a shift in mindset
    • Facing the trauma head on to set an example

[04:30 - 16:30] Taking on the Responsibility of Overcoming Challenges

  • Rodney dives deeper into his pivot to a positive mindset
    • Realizing and labelling the real source of pain 
    • Going on an internal search for hope 
    • Asking ‘what if?’ questions
    • Deciding to be an overcomer
    • Accepting challenges as a responsibility 
  • The ‘Game Changing Mentality’
    • Are you alive and breathing? 
      • You are in the game of life 
    • You WILL face opposition  
    • Your mentality is what decides your outcomes 
    • The universe gives you opportunities to rise 
  • How to win the Game of Life
    • Facing disappointment without discouragement 
    • Developing game winning techniques 
      • Don’t run away from the challenge
    • Always seek the better version of yourself
    • Practice gratitude


[16:31 -  26:21]Become Who You Need to Be

  • Rodney talks about staying power 
    • Today he is able to walk on crutches 
    • The process is always ongoing 
    • The story of falling on the hill 
      • No shortcuts in life 
      • Inspiring others to take their hills 
    • You have to go through the pain to become who you need to be
    • ‘The Joy of Becoming’
    • The importance of legacy
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[26:22 - 36:09] Getting Better at the Game of Life

  • Rodney’s thoughts on leaving a legacy
    • What are you going to use your gift for?
    • Fulfilling your given purpose 
    • Purpose fuels happiness in life 
  • Consume what serves you best 
    • Focus on what build you up 
    • Leave the things that tear you down
    • You can only give what you already have 
  • You need to play the game to learn 
    • Players vs. spectators 
    • Resilience is a skill that can be learned
    • Challenges are opportunities to be a better player


[36:10 - 39:08] Closing Segment

  • Keep an eye out for Part 2 with Rodney Flowers 
  • How to connect with Rodney
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements 


Tweetable Quotes:

“I was given this challenge, this trauma, this resistance, this opposition, but I wasn’t given it for the purpose of being defeated, I was given it for the purpose of overcoming it. So it became a gift.” - Rodney Flowers

“I still have what many would consider a disability, but I am, by far, not disabled; because I’m living in my purpose.” - Rodney Flowers 

“You want to develop resiliency, resilience skills before you need them… by constantly putting yourself in a position to be a greater version of yourself, to challenge yourself.” - Rodney Flowers

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