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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Sep 17, 2020

Today’s thought leader is Ben Conard, founder of Five North Chocolate, a healthy chocolate snack company empowering farmers and celebrating diversity by committing to fair-trade. Ben has been named one of the Top 10 Biggest Fair Trade Advocates in the World and 40 LGBT Leaders Under 40. Ben is passionate about making an impact in the way people buy and how companies produce. 

Let’s jump right into this episode and learn from Ben how educating the consumer can give them the power to make better decisions and make lasting change in the market.

[00:01 - 03:44] Opening Segment

  • Let's welcome our guest for today, Ben Conard
    • Founder of Five North Chocolate
  • Ben talks a bit about himself
    • Passionate about helping farmers and bringing them out of poverty 

[03:45 - 11:22] See a Problem, Go and Solve it

  • Ben shares his story and the origins of FNC
    • Why chocolate? Just a desire to design a healthy candy company
    • You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for eating something
    • A need to help farmers who are being taken advantage of 
    • “I was a consumer who didn’t like what they saw on the shelf and wanted to change it.”
  • I share how I started seeing a lot of people take on fatalism 
    • I saw a problem and I went in to fix it 
  • Ben shares his 20 seconds of bravery moment 
    • Farm in Ecuador in 2017
    • So much work goes into one end product, they just want to know the consumer appreciates it 
    • Somebody needs to manifest this message through 
  • From curiosity to a calling 

[11:23 - 22:15] Educate the Consumer and Optimize the Food Industry

  • Ben talks about some of the misconceptions of chocolate we need to re-think
    • Positivity was the fuel to our fire 
    • Chocolate does not have to be a ‘guilty’ pleasure 
    • Ben shares about stamping certified LGBT on the products 
  • You have a choice of what you give your attention to everyday 
  • Ben talks about the problems that need solving in the world of chocolate 
    • Farmers are severely underpaid and see no future in cacao 
    • We will see supply of cacao drop drastically 
    • Chocolate can be a medicine or a downfall 
    • Farmers need to be a central voice 
  • Ben talks about his vision for the chocolate industry for the future
    • Let’s optimize and democratize the food industry and the products we see on the market today for consumers
    • Give the knowledge and education then give the power to make better choices
  • The Three C’s
    • Consumer
    • Company
    • Country

[22:16 - 33:50] Practical Tips to Educate Consumers and Yourself

  • Ben gives advice how to best educate the consumer
    • Encouraging people to read the ingredients first 
      • Ex. If the first ingredient is sugar, then it isn’t dark chocolate anymore
    • The first ingredient in Ben’s chocolate is 100% cacao
    • Make sure you’re getting products that are fair-trade 
  • “As a consumer we should be doing are own research”
    • Google is your friend 
  • Voice your opinions to the company 
    • They should know what you like and don’t like
  • I talk about my future book and how it applies
  • Know the people behind the brand
  • We usually have better judgement in how we trust people then how we do things and brands and statements, so look for the people first.” - Ben

[33:51 - 46:06] Closing Segment

  • Advice to people who want to start doing good in the world?
    • “The work is there, celebrate the work and effort, and the success you do make you need to celebrate.”
  • Story of your struggles?
    • Spending 8 hours in a kitchen making the product messing up along the way
    • “Consistency kept me alive… I wasn’t ready to give up.”
  • What reminded you everyday that it’s still an amazing world? 
    • “The people that I keep around me” 
    • Interconnection of the world - ex. Coffee 
    • These are the things we are trying to celebrate 
  • What reminds you every day that it is still an amazing world?
    • "The Sun still rises. Every time the sunrise every day, we got a chance to fix whatever we didn't fix before."
  • How can we find you?
    • See links below
  • Final words from me and Ben


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You can connect with Ben on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter  or by emailing Visit to learn more. 


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