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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

Water is a human need and human right to which billions (with a B) of people still lack access. This is a natural resource that the rest of us normally take for granted. But Christoph Gorder, who grew up in the Central African Republic, is working to change that and seeking every day to improve people’s lives and conditions through his organizaiton: charity: water

Christoph joined charity: water in 2012 to lead the organization's global water investments in 28 countries. Since its founding in 2006, charity: water has raised more than $600 million and provided clean water to nearly 15 million people. In his role as Chief Global Water Officer, Christoph also oversees technology innovations that increase transparency and the long-term impact of clean water programs.  

Let’s dive into his journey on helping people get access to clean water!

[00:01 - 07:47] Opening Segment

  • Christoph’s insights about climate change
    • The connection between climate change and the scarcity of water
    • Climate change is all about water
    • Access to clean water is key and foundational
    • How humans adapt to climate change

[07:48 - 23:27] "The One Big Problem We Know How to Solve with Christoph Gorder of Charity: Water "

  • Main issues people who don’t have access to clean water face
    • People are sick at a high rate
    • Young girls don’t have the opportunity to study
  • Christoph breaks down the cause of not having access to clean water
    • People’s conditions are very different
  • The importance of building a sustainable solution and having a last impact
    • Be clear about the outcomes that you want to achieve
      • Something very tangible
    • Touch other peoples’ lives
      • Health and economic benefits for communities around the world
  • How Christoph accomplishes the main objective of Charity: Water 
    • Raise the funds and put them to work 
    • Be transparent and do the right thing
  • Christoph’s perspective of clean water in Ukraine due to the war

    [23:28 -  45:15]  People Take Their  Future’s in Their Own Hands

  • Christoph shares how Charity: Water does
    • Change the life of  nearly 15 million people
    • Bridge the gap between people who want to help and locals
    • Provide access to clean water
      • Life-changing projects
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  • The last mile is always the hardest one
    • Look backward and see the huge change you have achieved
      • Have an optimistic and experienced team
  • People internalize and process things very differently
    • We tend to focus on the victim instead of the helper
  • The power of collective action is massive
  • What a huge difference their small monetary contribution makes

[45:16 - 47:37] Closing Segment

Connect with Christoph on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Head to Charity Water, learn more about what they do, and help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet!

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We have tried very hard since the beginning, by mapping the projects to make sure things are built.” - Christoph Gorder

The power of collective action turns 2 houses into millions of houses.” - Christoph Gorder

Local ownership is key to long-term sustainability.” - Christoph Gorder