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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Mar 22, 2022

We, humans, have extracted all we can from nature for hundreds of years while thinking little about the negative impact on the planet. But what if we flip the script on its head? María José (Chochi) Iturralde is the founder and CEO of Humans for Abundance, a nonprofit designed to empower people who live near the world’s most fragile ecosystems and give people around the globe a way to support them in restoring the environment. Listen in to understand our connection with our ecosystems and discover how we can guarantee their conservation and restoration.

Chochi has dedicated much of her life to bridging her experiences as an educator and innovator with her passion for environmental sustainability. Before fully transitioning to environmental work, Chochi led a primary school in Quito, Ecuador and founded four other companies, mostly focused on the well-being and growth of humans and their relationships with themselves and with nature. 

If you want to know how to help the rainforest at the click of a button, this episode is for you!

[00:01 - 07:10] Opening Segment

  • Chochi shares her experience and background
    • A movement of conservation and restoration
    • How she became the founder of Humans for Abundance
    • Starting to analyze the causes of destruction and climate change
    • Thinking a way of creating a system for people to return resources to nature

[07:11 - 28:09] Helping the Rainforest at the Click of a Button

  • Changing the world through education
    • Teach kids how to become a better generation
    • Chochi’s decision to stop teaching in private schools
  • Do something bigger to help the environment along with vulnerable communities
    • The biodiversity the rainforest holds
    • Have a connection with different ecosystems
  • Chochi explains the triple impact
    • People in the cities can share resources with locals to have an environmental impact
    • Locals can disclose their knowledge and the land to make it happen
    • Generate income for local communities that take care of the rainforest
  • How people can know the resources are translated into actions
    • Photos, documents, etc.
    • Humans for abundance create reports and make a follow-up often
  • Educating indigenous people in regards to entrepreneurship and accounting


[28:10 -  45:21]  How to Become Part of A Regenerative Cycle 

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  • The restores and co-restores concept
  • Co-restores: people who live in the cities and don’t have access to impact ecosystems
  • Restores: People that live in the ecosystems and have the time and knowledge to work there
    • Find your role and make a better place
  • The role of governments to solve the climate change problem
    • The institutions in Latin America are very disorganized and they are individualists 
    • We don’t trust governments 
  • Chochi’s insights about working with indigenous people
    • Indigenous people and their ancestors have taken care of the rainforest for years
    • The importance of social and healing transformation

[45:22 - 47:59] Closing Segment

Connect with Chochi on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Go and check out Humans for Abundance.  By synchronizing your efforts with locals to restore their lands and turn them into thriving forests, you create a quick social, economic, and environmental impact!

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Tweetable Quotes:

“You have to understand your relationship to the environment and the ecosystem. It is your responsibility to put [resources]  back.” - Chochi Iturralde

“We synchronize our efforts to restore our environments. It’s millions of us creating little actions together.” - Chochi Iturralde

“We are already seeing the children fall back in love with the rain forest. It’s already creating a ripple effect.” - Chochi Iturralde