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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

Our thought leader for today is Arthur Zards, Executive Director and Founder of TEDxNaperville, through which he was able to build a community where people’s ideas freely flow.

He joins us today to talk more about stoicism and why you should learn it too, the best time to experiment and be innovative, and the community-building activities you can adopt. Throughout our conversation, there is one thing that you should take home: Nothing is impossible, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Let’s listen to Arthur and learn how to think about what’s possible for you! 

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[00:01 - 08:59] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Arthur Zards
  • Why you should watch a TED Talk 
  • How to challenge authority respectfully 

[09:00 - 22:36] Response to Adversity 

  • Why he started TEDxNaperville
    • Don’t miss his main message
  • How goodness became viral in Naperville
    • Listen to Arthur’s story
  • Arthur breaks down stoicism and why you should learn more about it

[22:37 - 37:20] Thinking On What’s Possible 

  • Join the Conspiracy of Goodness Network
    • Link below
  • Why the best time to experiment is now--during the pandemic 
    • Arthur explains 
  • Find out your “deeper truth”
    • Arthur tells us how 

[37:21 - 48:57] Science of Flow State

  • We have an interesting exchange about curiosity you shouldn’t miss 
  • Arthur breaks down the science behind the “flow state”
  • How to build a community according to Arthur

[48:58 - 54:49] Validation For Others 

  • Arthur shares his approach in TEDx coaching 
  • Be the person that validates other people’s thoughts
    • Arthur tells us how
  • Connect with Arthur. Links below

[54:50 - 59:50] Closing Segment

  • Arthur tells us why this is still an amazing world 
  • Final words and announcements


Tweetable Quotes:

“If you’re home and you’re hunkered down and you’re following the rules for the quarantine, you are strong...even if you’re not talking to people, you are strong.” - Arthur Zards

“Whatever you do, own it.” - Arthur Zards

“I have an opportunity to make a difference today. That’s how you find goodness.” - Arthur Zards


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Email to connect with Arthur. Check out his website and social media pages: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram


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