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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

As divided as we may be, you only have to look up and realize we are united under one sky. This is the passionate message of today’s thought leader Maryliz Bender, a space journalist who Co-Founded Cosmic Perspective. C.P. is a group of storytellers building a movement to share the transformational power of the cosmos through film, photography, VR, and journalism, to unite and inspire awe and wonder. 

Let’s dive right into the episode and learn more about Maryliz’s story and start considering the things bigger than ourselves and fall back in love with the human potential. 

[00:01 - 07:17] Opening Segment

  • Let's welcome our guest for today, Maryliz Bender 
    • Connecting things no one thought to combine
    • Journalist and storyteller
  • Words from Maryliz
  • Maryliz talks a bit about herself 
    • Founded C.P. to inspire and unite people 
    • Connecting people through Space exploration 
    • Falling in love with human potential 
    • Considering things bigger than ourselves

[07:18 - 20:41] The Overview Effect; A Profound Shift in Awareness

  • I talk about Maryliz’s background and work
  • Maryliz’s talks about what inspired her
    • The Overview Effect 
    • Astronaut’s profound shift in awareness
    • The borders disappear, you fall in love with the planet and turn to humanitarianism and art 
  • Maryliz shares about the start of her mission
    • One foot in front in front of the other
    • What haven’t you done yet 
    • Maryliz’s magical moment 
      • Tweeted at and emailed by Frank White 
      • Mission to take the overview effect down to earth 
  • Maryliz talks about her journey with Frank White 
    • A work coming through fruition 

[20:42 - 31:09] The Innovator’s Recipe 

  • You have to be driven by the greater good not the idea of instant success 
  • I talk about my new book - Best Seller in 2 days 
    • Link below 
  • The majority want better and want to be better 
  • Innovators do 5 things - Innovator’s recipe 
    • Peel back the onion - attack the problem at the source 
    • Get creative 
    • Use what’s in surplus 
    • Involve community 
    • Always led by someone with a graceful, measured good nature
  • Maryliz talks about what resonates with her about the innovator’s recipe 
    • Finding the source 
      • The issue of tribalism 
      • Lack of empathy 
    • We are born with empathy and exploration but trauma inserts fear
    • Making people fall back in love with human potential 

[31:10 - 42:24] A Moment of Pause 

  • Finding the things we have in common 
    • Find empathy and positivity 
  • We live on a giant spaceship that is perfectly designed for us 
  • Maryliz puts things into a cosmic perspective with a story 
    • The importance of a moment of pause
    • The Canadarm 
  • Creating something because of humans coming together 
    • An astronaut’s story 

[42:25 - 51:48] Closing Segment

  • We may be close to turning a corner as humans 
  • It’s my job to plant those seeds for the revolution 
  • If we listen we can improve each other’s way of thinking 
  • Tired of the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality 
    • We desire more complex, nuanced conversations 
  • Exchange contempt for curiosity 
  • What reminded you every day that it’s still an amazing world? 
    • Maryliz’s story of being homeless and addicted to drugs 
    • Putting one foot in front of another - I’m doing ok
  • How can we find you?
    • See links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

I’m so lucky, so fortunate to be here at the forefront of what’s happening in space, and I am desperate to transport people here… this is about helping people fall in love with human potential.” - Maryliz Bender

“One foot in front of the other… what can you do today that you haven’t done yet?” - Maryliz Bender 

“You cannot be open to transformation… unless you pause.” - Maryliz Bender


Resources Mentioned:


You can connect and support Maryliz on Instagram and YouTube. Visit her website at to learn more. 


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Conspiracy of Goodness Summit Oct 4th: 



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