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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Sep 21, 2021

What could you achieve if you gave your full attention to something without worrying about other people’s opinions on it? Today’s guest has been impacting the world for the better with her ingenious designs from the age of 15 till now. Andini ‘Ann’ Makosinski is a world-renowned inventor, writer, and what I call a ‘social entrepreneur’. Her incredible innovations in ‘green’ energy have led her to appear on platforms such as Vice and Jimmy Falon. She has received titles like Forbes and Times Magazine's 30 under 30, and Entrepreneur Magazine’s young millionaires. Her work bridges the gap between the arts and science and in this episode, we are going to dig deeper than just Ann ‘the inventor’ and glean insights based on her own story and experience.


I truly believe you will be inspired as we learn the true key to success from Ann: mistakes and risks. 


[00:01 - 8:46] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Ann Makosinski 
  • The scope of Ann’s work bridging the gap between arts and science
    • Balancing both to make the best inventions
    • Examples of Ann’s inventions 
    • The importance of curiosity 
    • Choosing your world view

[08:47 - 22:04] The Key to Success: Mistakes and Risks

  • Learning from each experience 
    • Everything, no matter how bad, is a lesson
    • The stories you tell yourself shape you 
    • Be kind to yourself
    • The importance of using humor to pull through 
  • The Great Questioning - the effects of the pandemic 
    • Reevaluating our relationships with people and work
  • How discipline of the mind can play into meaning and purpose 
    • Getting pushed outside your comfort zone
    • Being fully present in the moment 
    • Facing hard questions head on with vulnerability

[22:05 - 32:50] Embracing the Unknown 

  • Ann’s thoughts around fear
    • We fear what we don’t understand
    • Embracing the mutability of life 
    • Don’t let future ideals detract from the present moment
  • What it means to ‘live your truth’
    • Finding your identity 
    • Living in your reality 
    • You don’t have to be locked into who people say you are 


  • A word about the Conspiracy of Goodness Summit


[32:51 - 50:11] The Gift of Your Full Attention

  • Opening up to vulnerable experiences
    • Share yourself with others 
    • Don’t take people’s responses as your identity 
  • What we give our attention to expands 
    • The greatest gift we can give is our attention 
    • Be careful what you give your attention to 
    • A shift from attention to gratitude 
    • You are the one in control of your own attention 
  • Thoughts on social media and how it plays on our attention 
  • How innovative inventions could create an amazing future 
  • Ann’s tips on how to handle the news 
    • Your present headspace matters 

[50:12 - 59:20] Closing Segment

  • What Ann is working on now 
    • New book coming soon on art and science 
    • Going through online university 
    • What to look forward to in the book 
  • Where Ann finds her inspiration
    • Resources 
    • Getting into a flow state
  • How you can follow and support Ann 
    • Links below
  • Final announcements 


Tweetable Quotes:

“The greatest gift we can give someone is our full attention…” - Ann Makosinski 

“Feeling like the world is really open to your ideas is important… The energy you put out is the energy you’ll attract.” - Ann Makosinski 

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