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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Jan 27, 2021

Our thought leader for today is Bill Cortright, a best-selling author, keynote speaker, high-level coach, wellness specialist, and, first and foremost, an expert in stress mastery. If you are thinking that stress mastery and stress management are the same, you need to listen to Bill. He breaks down stress mastery and explains why stress management is impossible. He will also help us unlearn the things that only bring stress to our lives. 

Let’s dive right in and learn the 7 steps to stress mastery!

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[00:01 - 04:59] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Bill Cortright
  • Bill gives interesting insights about Stress 

[05:00 - 10:53] Conflict Resolution 

  • The difference between mastery and skills
  • Bill tells us how to deal with conflicts 
  • A process developed 200,000 years ago
    • Bill breaks down this process 

[10:54 - 24:14] Mastery vs. Management 

  • Bill talks about the operating system of the human being
  • Stress management does not work
    • Bill tells us why
  • The biggest challenge for human beings according to Bill
  • The Red Zone and the Green Zone explained 

[24:15 - 37:19] Expectations vs. Intentions 

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    • Link below
  • The difference between expectations and intentions explained
  • Bill tells us why love is not an emotion, but something else
  • He talks about the power of self-awareness

[37:20 - 49:24] 7 Steps to Stress Mastery 

  • Bill breaks down the science of building habits 
  • Why diet is the first step to stress mastery 
  • How to name the ego that you can’t see 
  • The “M” that answers all problems in the world 

[49:25 - 01:02:07] Stoicism 

  • What can you expect from Bill’s podcast? 
  • We talk about the concept of stoicism 
  • Bill tells us why it is still an amazing world

[01:02:08 - 01:04:17] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Bill. Links below
  • Final words and announcements


Tweetable Quotes:

“Stress mastery is the skill of conflict resolution.” - Bill Cortright

“Over millions of years of evolution, the body is designed to support the mind.” - Bill Cortright


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