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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Our thought leader of the day is The Mindfulness Mentor™, Drayton Boylston. Drayton has been advising executives from boardroom to meditation cushion, for decades and he’s helping “Bring Mindfulness to the Mainstream.”

He will share his thoughts about intuition, overwhelm, mindfulness, spirituality, servant leadership, and any other challenges in our times. He said that “overwhelm is a choice” and that there are “3 D’s” that we can use instead. He helps us find our unrealized potential in the beauty of working in “threes.”


Tune in now and learn from Drayton the 3 D’s to organize your life! 

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[00:01 - 06:10] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Drayton Boylston
    • Spiritual Adventurer
  • What’s the Mindful Leader Continuum? 

[06:11 - 16:40] Mindfulness Training 

  • Promoting “quiet time” among business executives 
  • The difference between spirituality and religion 
  • “The clock that sprung to life”
    • Points to serendipity all around us
  • Trust, Intuition, Control
    • Know the difference 
  • Vulnerability and the corporate world

[16:41 - 26:02] A Level Playing Field 

  • Listen to our interesting exchange about the current generation
  • Unrealized potential: Part of something bigger than ourselves
  • The playing field in business has been resolved 

[26:03 - 38:16] Servant Leadership

  • Drayton talks about servant leadership
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    • Link below
  • Coping with the negative news
  • Question to determine what media to take in
    • “Does it feed my soul?”

[38:14 - 52:28] The 3 D’s to Fix “Overwhelm”

  • Vulnerability and the question, “how are you?”
  • Overwhelm is a choice
    • Do the triage on what we let in! 
  • The 3 D’s to fix “overwhelm”
    • Do it
    • Delegate it
    • Delete it
  • Become the “observer”
  • The beauty of 3’s
    • You only get 3 possibilities you can work on 
    • This helps you avoid the shiny objects 
  • Surviving vs. thriving?
    • Expansive vs. reductive systems
  • Learn more about the Cave People Mindset
    • Hump Day
  • Data on brain science
    • The way we speak to ourselves creates our experience 

[52:29 - 55:10] Closing Segment

  • Drayton tells us why this is still an amazing world
  • Connect with Drayton. Links below
  • Final words and announcements 


Tweetable Quotes:

“We have to show up from this place of vulnerability and say, ‘I don’t know’ and that place of ‘I’m afraid. I don’t know what’s happening.’ The world has changed. We’re all in this together. Put everybody in the same canoe and get them rowing in the same direction because we don’t know, we just flat out don’t know. So, I think vulnerability has sprung forward and is this beautiful movement within the right enlightened executives in particular that will start and have started leading their companies in a much different way.” - Drayton Boylston

“For us to be open to ‘what is’ in this present moment versus that future potential thing, so in this moment: What can we do, how can we be...that's gonna contribute to the greater good versus this future thing that is this potential that may be realized, may not be realized…” - Drayton Boylston

“[If] you show up from this pure place, we call it purity of intention, and you’re in a conversation with somebody and you simply want to be of service, all of your agenda goes away, all of these things that you want to get out of this conversation are part and when you do that, absolutely magical things happen.” - Drayton Boylston

“The media is a tool and we need certain pieces of it and the key is to actively choose what is coming into your experience.”


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