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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Apr 21, 2021

At the age of 15, Jeff Wall Jr. became the founder of Golden Age Karate, a non-profit organization that travels to nursing homes to teach the elderly the art of karate. Now, at only 16 years old, Jeff is using his black belt on a mission to help seniors discover huge gains in health and incredible confidence out in the world. His mantras are all about kindness and Jeff emphasizes the nonviolent wonders of the martial arts. 


Tune in now and learn karate with your grandparents!


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[00:01 - 03:02] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome Jeff Wall Jr. 
  • Jeff introduces the Golden Age Karate to us

[03:03 - 08:20] DEVELOP YOUR UNIQUE ZONE of GENIUS: Karate and kindness

  • Jeff’s life-changing “axe kick” when he was 6 years old  
  • How he handled being the only martial artist in the family 
  • “Kindness rules everything” for Jeff
  • What karate should be all about according to Jeff

[08:21 - 18:06] HAPPINESS IS SOMETHING YOU DECIDE UPON AHEAD of TIME: Kindness in Karate

  • Can we blend kindness and karate? 
  • Why Jeff chooses the elderly as his karate students 
  • Step out of your house confidently
  • Jeff breaks down his philosophy in teaching his students 
  • Other people’s excitement excites Jeff
    • He tells us why 

[18:07 - 28:21] CURATING OUR INCOMING: Benefits of choosing our perspective

  • Consume media better with these tips from Jeff 
  • Be inspired by Jeff’s life motto
    • Never fear anything
  • Listen to Jeff plans on how he plans to go global 
  • How his student improved her health with karate 

[28:22 - 37:33] AVOID BEING IN "FIGHTING MODE" CONSTANTLY: Make time to train and rest

  • Connect with Jeff. Links below
  • How can you help Jeff and the Golden Age Karate? 
  • Jeff shares his tips to manage your time well 
  • He talks about the importance of rest 
  • Jeff gives us tips to start a training program
  • The importance of practice in learning a skill 

[37:34- 41:23] Closing Segment

  • The advice from Jeff that you need to hear right now 
  • Jeff tells us why this is still an amazing world 
  • Final words and announcements 


Tweetable Quotes:

“Kindness rules everything.” -  Jeff Wall Jr. 

“Even though that you know you can hurt somebody, you still aren’t just going around trying to hurt somebody on purpose. [Karate is] only for self-defense.” -  Jeff Wall Jr.


Resources Mentioned:


Email to reach out to Jeff or follow him on Instagram. Check out Golden Age Karate to learn more about his work. 


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