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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Oct 22, 2020

Everybody has their own unique gift to offer within art and creativity. Today’s thought leader, Marco Santini, does it wonderfully. Marco is an award-winning NYC-based artist, fashion designer, photographer, and inventor who draws inspiration from inclusion, positivity, and language. He is passionate about the relationship between communication, expression, and imagery and how they can combine to create something new and beautiful, and his unique style is easily recognizable and expressed through many different mediums. 

Let’s get right into this episode and learn how Marco is uniting people through positivity and beauty. 

[00:01 - 05:56] Opening Segment

  • Let's welcome our guest for today, Marco Santini  
  • Marco talks a bit about himself
    • Create and educate through love and positivity 
    • Grew up in a very creative household 
    • Not what I was doing, but why 
    • Chief experimenter 
    • One Love logo - more that unites us than divides us 
    • Asked to paint at different events 
    • Making art through language 

[05:57 - 13:49] The Beauty of Creativity 

  • Marco’s foresight of what artists will become
    • A creative explosion of ideas 
  • Marco talks about his experience with beauty 
    • We all have a responsibility for what we take in 
    • The feeling of beauty when they see something moving 
    • The support from family to pursue creative passions 
      • Making others feel the same way 
    • Turning negatives into positives 
  • Empowering people’s creativity 
    • There are no mistakes 
    • Sharing actual ideas and techniques 
    • Not judging others 

[13:50 - 28:14] Your Life Purpose and Human Positivity 

  • Marco talks about the importance of curiosity 
    • You can see it everything 
    • Don’t rush to find an answer 
    • The science of human interaction 
  • Marco’s insights on higher purpose 
    • Purpose can be found in the next moment 
    • What do you enjoy and what gifts can you bring 
    • Explore and try things
  • The courage to put yourself out there, as an artist 
    • Marco’s work during the Pandemic 
  • Thoughts on toxic positivity 
    • ‘Fake it till you make it’ is not a long term solution 
    • There is so much negativity already, we have to see the whole picture, not just the internet’s version
    • You can choose what you can give attention to 
  • Remember to help support positivity by spreading my book and getting the message out

[28:15 - 39:46] Using the Innovator’s Recipe to Make Something Beautiful 

  • I talk about the innovator’s recipe 
  • Marco talks about the Three C’s of Life
    • Curiosity 
    • Creativity 
    • Collaboration 
  • Marco’s daily habits
    • Physical and Mindful practices 
    • Acting vs. reacting 
  • Marco talks about resourcefulness 
    • Example of a recent project - upcycling 
  • Leading with Grace
    • Share what you have with others 
  • The power of checklists
    • How Marco uses checklists to empower himself 
    • Triggering your best self 
    • Our daily life is just as important as surgeons and pilots 
    • The Best Self List 
  • The Great Pause 
    • Our chance to give clarity into the next steps 
  • How you can find Marco 
    • Links below 
    • See the work at Bloomingdale’s Headquarter

[39:47 - 49:56] Closing Segment

  • Marco talks about recent projects interacting with people 
    • What is love to you 
  • What reminds you every day that it’s still an amazing world? 
    • Connecting with friends daily 
    • Able to start every day with a smile 
    • The ability to always learn from people 
  • Stay tuned to have Marco back
  • Announcements and Final Words


Tweetable Quotes:

“I define creativity as taking thoughts and turning them into actions, and we all do that in very interesting and unique ways… I think we’re all creative and all artists.” - Marco Santini

“I think courage is being able to take your inner essence and being able to show it no matter what…” - Marco Santini 

“I find joy in a lot of things… We lead by example. When people experience someone who is so positive and looking at something in a new way, I think that it helps them to see and to question, and I think it’s really beautiful.” - Marco Santini

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You can reach out and support Marco on Instagram. Visit his website to learn more about his space. 

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