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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

Welcome back to the Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast! Our thought leader of the day is Stefanie Schaffer, an inspiring human being who managed to find new roads in her life after a fatal accident. The accident left her with broken bones, internal bleeding, and damaged legs that needed to be amputated. 


Stefanie admitted that she was angry at first for what happened to her and viewed herself as a failure. What made her realize that failures could be opportunities was the kindness shown by all the people who’ve helped her stand up again. Stefanie later learned that this accident had enabled her to redefine herself, all while taking on new paths and uplifting everyone else around her. 


Let’s listen to Stefanie and find new roads as we redefine ourselves! 

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[00:01 - 09:47] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Stefanie Schaffer
    • A life-changing accident  
  • How choosing a seat impacted her life

[09:48 - 23:04] When To Have Bad Days 

  • How Stefanie realized she needed to be kind to herself
  • Listen to Stefanie’s advice on how to manage your anger
  • When are bad days allowed and not necessary? 
    • Listen to Stefanie 

[23:05 - 37:59] The Link Between the Mind and the Body

  • Stefanie talks about people's tendency to underestimate themselves 
  • Why join the Conspiracy of Goodness Network? 
    • Link below
  • The link between the mind and the body
    • Stefanie’s insights here 

[38:00 - 54:25] Redefining Yourself

  • Social media is not that terrible according to Stefanie 
  • How to turn failures into opportunities
    • Stefanie’s advice 
  • Stefanie shares her inspiring insights about redefining ourselves 

[54:26 - 01:00:46] Closing Segment

  • Stefanie tells us why this is still an amazing world
  • Connect with Stefanie. Links below
  • Final words and announcements


Tweetable Quotes:

“You need to come to an understanding where you’re more empathetic than you are angry.” - Stefanie Schaff

“I think we have this almost innate human ability to adapt and to overcome and even thrive in the face of challenge or something negative.” - Stefanie Schaff


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Email to reach out to Stefanie and read more about her story on her website, Facebook, and Instagram

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