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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Jan 13, 2021

Our thought leader for today is Karl Sona, a barrier-breaker who inspires minority individuals to make a life they want to live. Currently, he as an entrepreneur helps minorities create generational wealth and leverages the power of podcasting to share their inspirational stories. He also builds communities based on black excellence to create long-lasting changes in this world. When he was young, he left his home country with his parents in search of the American Dream, but later on, realized that his own dreams matter more.

Listen to Karl’s story and learn how he’s fulfilling his dreams of breaking down barriers and crushing stereotypes!

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[00:01 - 07:09] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Karl Sona
    • Entrepreneur
    • Podcaster
    • Happiness Expert 
  • Karl shares his version of the future you’d want to hear 

[07:10 - 18:24] A Sincere Internal Conflict

  • How does Karl want to live his life?
    • He talks about privilege and opportunity
  • Karl tells us how he turned his back to his childhood dream
    • His first heartbreak
  • He walks us through his process of dealing with difficult conversations 

[18:25 - 29:50] Power of Curiosity 

  • Live an eco-friendly life! Buy at Boon Supply
    • Link below
  • Look at a “what if” question positively
    • Here’s how
  • Burst your bubble to expand your reality 

[29:51 - 40:29] A Valuable Currency 

  • Navigate social media better 
  • Show up for people
    • The Venmo Challenge  
  • Expose the Conspiracy of Goodness 

[40:30 - 46:42] Closing Segment

  • Shout out to our media partner, Streamlined Podcasts!
  • Connect with Karl. Links below
  • Karl tells us why it is still an amazing world.
  • Final words and announcements


Tweetable Quotes:

“I think you don’t have the opportunity to enjoy an up without really being brave enough to weather a season of being down.” - Karl Sona

“Courage doesn’t come without the presence of fear.” - Karl Sona


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Connect with Karl on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Visit his website and watch out for his new podcast, Dear Black CEO. 


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