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Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Dec 7, 2021

Genevieve’s life changed forever the day she made it her mission to get children in emergency shelters across New York City a pair of pajamas. When you help wherever you can, even the simplest gestures can have a massive impact. 


Genevieve Piturro is the founder of the Pajama Program, an initiative that helps kids in need get the clothes they need. 


Her work and story have been featured on OPRAH, The Today Show, Forbes, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal among other media. She is also an inspirational speaker and a leader in the business sector. 


Her new best selling book, Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning, shares life lessons Genevieve learned getting out of the corporate world to grow one of the most successful national nonprofit programs.


What an amazing world Genevieve is creating around her! Let’s jump in and hear more about her story of giving 7 million pajamas to kids in need. 

[00:01 - 6:03] Opening Segment


  • I introduce Genevieve Piturro
    • Bio 
  • Genevieve shares a bit about herself 
    • Her early ideas of success - climbing the corporate ladder
    • Hearing a voice ask, “... is this enough?” 
    • Genevieve’s moment of realization - something’s missing
    • Starting to read to children in shelters


[06:04 - 25:30] Chapter 1 - 2: Tuning into the Heart Voice 


  • Taming the mental chatter to hear the “heart voice”
    • The importance of sitting in silence
    • Listen to the small nudges 
    • It may be trying to reach you now 
    • The effects of the Great Pause 
      • We were forced to face ourselves 
  • Genevieve talks about the first chapter of her shift 
    • Bringing children into her life 
    • Seeing the condition the children were living in 
    • Her experience giving out pajamas for the first time
      • Hearing a little girl ask “What are pajamas?” 
  • The beginning of a healthy obsession 
    • Quitting her corporate job to focus on the project 
    • Every thought leader has this crazy  transitional moment
    • Swapping the head and the heart 
  • Bring out the best in humanity and amplify our future on The Goodness Exchange
    • More information on how you can join in below

[25:31 -  46:30] Chapter 3 - 4: 7 Million Pajamas to Kids in Need


  • Genevieve’s journey into the start of the program and the book 
    • Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas
    • Some people may try to drag you down at first 
    • You need to find your cheerleaders first 
    • The overwhelming amount of support that came in 
    • Over 7 million pajamas and books delivered 
  • People want to help! It’s who we are 
    • It’s never the power of one that changes the world 
    • It’s the power of one another that moves mountains 
  • The Pajama Program 
    • Becoming a speaker and authority of her story 
    • A mission to help other leaders find purpose 
  • How Genevieve overcame the hurdles that comes with finding purpose 
    • Finding the cheerleaders, taking on the naysayers 
    • You may have to do it afraid - It’s going to be ok 
    • Believe that help will come when you live purpose driven 
  • Be careful the voices you listen to 
    • You never know who will give you that supporting voice 
    • Shut down the judgemental voice in your mind 


[46:31 - 54:42] Closing Segment


  • Genevieve’s advice for a purpose driven life 
    • Miracles of the universe will come
    • It’s never too late to change streams 
    • Leaders need to realize that work needs purpose 
  • Embrace change and openness 
  • Stay tuned for part 2: 
    • 4 steps to find your heart voice 
    • The power of sharing stories 
    • How to turn your ‘scary’ into ‘light’ 
  • How to connect with Genevieve work
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements 

Tweetable Quotes:

“We want to belong to each other, we want to belong to a higher purpose, to a community. We want our work, our lives, to mean something.” - Genevieve Piturro

“It’s in silence that we hear our true selves… I call it a Heart Voice.” - Genevieve Piturro

“It’s not the power of one that we’re always hearing, it’s the power of one another that moves mountains and moves people; and we can move each other through our story.” - Genevieve Piturro

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Connect with Genevieve on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to visit and help give pajamas with passion and purpose.


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